Hello everyone! Back again with another post about the models I first painted in 2006. This time it's the Thunderers from the Battle of Skull Pass starter set. Although he quality of the models weren't as good as the ones in current starter sets I took quite a liking to these models.

The concept for painting the Thunderers was the same as the Warriors, be neat and adhere as closely to the box art as possible. The only thing i did different was to use the washes on top of silver to get different metallic colour variations which is quite notable on the standard bearer.

More then ever I think I tried my best to work on my brush control, diluting of paint and not to overload my brush. Therefore I followed the advice and tips in the White Dwarf Magazines very strictly. Till this day I'm still quite pleased with the outcome, I even tried to paint eyes with marginal success which is quite an achievement!

In the end I did manage to paint half he Miners from the box set but I never finished them. Hopefully one day in the near future I will but as Lecoqadoodledo said, "with so much cool stuff coming out for Age of Sigmar It's hard to stay focused on one project"

Alright guys I'll end this post here, until next time Take care!