Hello everyone! Whilst thinking back to the models that I've painted in the past, I thought I'd do a throw back post of the first models I painted back in 2006 when I first started the hobby. These Dwarf Warriors came from the Battle for Skull Pass starter. Back then no one taught me to paint so I had to rely on the White Dwarf masterclasses a lot! In saying that I'm glad they are coming back in Next Months White Dwarf!!

At the time, only wanted to focus on being neat so I based a lot of my painting reference on the box art of models as that was the standard I wanted to paint to. I didn't realize until just recently a lot of what I did then set the foundation for how I paint now. Basics such as how to thin down paint and layering with thinned down paint helped me develop my glazing technique, even feathering which I use a lot now days.

I was also lucky to start the hobby when the new shades and foundation paints were released so painting base coats didn't take as long. Overall I really enjoyed painting these dwarves and it's been 10 years! In time I'll probably re base them to circle bases for AOS.

Hope you like these warriors! In my next few posts I'll be posting the other dwarves I painted int he past. Until then Take care! Ciao!