Hi everyone, FruitBear here! It's been quite a while since my last post. With the recent release of Eldrad Ulthran I thought I'd make a post about my Ulthwé Farseer. Ulthwé has always been my Favorite Craftworld next to Saim-Hann, not only because of the colours but of the background for both Craftworlds. When Games Workshop released a plastic Farseer I was very eager to paint one and enter it into the store painting competition for that month.

For me, there were a lot of challenges with painting this model and it was a major milestone for my painting a few years ago. There were a few things I was daunted with which were the number of gems, painting black (I don't like painting black), the spear and of course the freehand runes on the robes. But I took the challenge on and the end result is what we have above.

One thing I really wanted to concentrate on was the spear. At the time i was not very confident in trying non metallic metal techniques so the only thing I could was another version of the spear as you can see in the photo but with lots of layering. This really tested my patience as I had to redo the spear twice because I wasn't happy with the result. I layered from the darkest grey up to white with really thinned down paints trying to keep my brush work consistent whilst training my hand to be more stable. I copied the runes from the old Eldrad model with thinned down black paint which was a very pain staking process. I found myself having to hold my breath with most brush strokes to maintain my focus. It sure wasn't easy painting runes at 4am in the morning I can tell you that!

I decided to paint the gems a turquoise colour so naturally I decided to use Hawk Turquoise. I think this is what started my habit of using turquoise in most of my models making it one of my favorite colours in the citadel range no matter if it's the old or new range. I started off with a base coat of 1:1 mix of hawk turquoise and black and layered it to hawk turquoise to a 1:1 mix of hawk turquoise and white with final edge highlights.

Overall I really enjoyed painting this model even though I was so brain dead but it's one of the most important models in my collection. I'm still contemplating if I should get Eldrad. Let's see what happens! Who knows!

Thanks again for reading everyone! Until next time Happy Hobby-ing! (not even a real word but I'm going with it)