Hey guys, Uruk is back! Today I'm going to show you two characters which are the newest additions to my Khorne daemon cohort.


Firstly, here's my converted Herald on Juggernaut. I've always loved Khorne Juggernauts design, there's just something about their aesthetic that hits all my spots ;) The conversion itself was pretty simple except for the fact I used the Juggernaut from Skullcrushers box, which had the saddle piece molded on (took some doing to cut it off and cover the hole). Herald is of course taken from the Blood Throne set, I only had to mod the legs a bit to make him look more like he's sitting on the beast instead of standing straight up.


Second character I recently got is Karanak. I grabbed one for a great price off Ebay only to find out that it's finecast, but fortunately it turned out to be the only finecast model I've ever seen not to need major green stuff fixing. Although I can't use Karanak with my Khorne Daemonkin army (Thanks GW, great rule writing as usual) it's still a great addition and collector's piece. That's all from me this time, but there's way more to come (I'm looking at you, long finished Kharybdis I haven't got a chance to snap any pictures of yet...) As always, let me know what you think! Cheers!