Well, would you look at that! My first completed Age of Sigmar unit painted to completion. After the jump I'll talk more about my very own Primal Kings Storm Host.

So I went out and purchased the £20 Age of Sigmar starter boxset. For £10 it's the same price as the Liberator and Retributor £10 sets. Thats means you get the formation cards, dice, rules and Bloodbound models for free. It's a no brainer. 

The three Liberators were what I really wanted. It means I can field my unit of 5. Even though I'm just a collector/painter I like to collect legal squad sizes with legit weapon load outs. these starter set models are ok, but I'm really looking forward to getting some proper box set models. Separate torsos and shoulder pads are really going to speed up the painting because it means I can undercoat some parts black and some parts white. 

The cool thing with these three latest models is I got the opportunity to paint a Liberator Prime. Now I like the Eavy Metal and Games Workshop paint schemes but the Stormcast Eternal schemes need work. There isn't a real way to differentiate leaders in the GW schemes. So for my Primes I'm giving them shiny helmets. I like the Lion head shoulder pad that helps and thought about painting that silver but in the end I went the way of the Ultramarines and different coloured helmets will donate rank. Expect shiny golds for anyone higher up the ladder than a prime.

So there you go. A squad of Liberators from my own created Storm Host; the Primal Kings. Not sure what to do next. Still not really back to the swing of things. Painting just isn't exciting me anymore, but that's cool. I don't miss it at all when I'm not doing it.