As you saw from my WIP post the other day I've been dipping my toe into Age of Sigmar. I haven't committed fully by actually purchasing any models yet. Both of these models are free ones from the covers of magazines. I love my colour scheme. Yellow is my favourite colour and I didn't want to just paint the whole model yellow so I thought I'd pick out just a few elements of armour. Less is more after all. After the jump I discuss naming my Stormhost. 

With a brand new colour scheme comes a brand new name. Stormhosts tend to have astrological weather feline names. Cosmic Thundercats is pretty awesome but I can do better. A quick look at an online Thesaurus at the word Lion and one of it's suggestions is Grimalkin. I love this, it reminds me of the Dinosaur Transformer Grimlock. I look up the meaning and it means 'old female cat'. Hmmm, maybe I can tweak the word to Primal Kings? Wow, all of a sudden I'm describing Sigmar himself.

Now, do I add the weather or astronomical part as well? Tempest Primal Kings, Cyclone Primal Kings, Tornado Primal Kings, Primal Hurrikings, Celestial Primal Kings, Astral Primalkin, Hallowed Primall Kings, Rapturous Primal Kings.

Na, I think I'll stick with Primal Kings. unless you have a better idea? Post it in the comments!