Did you guys see Stahly's review on these 32mm base adapters? I did and I was suitably impressed. Adam from TT Adapters has sent some to me as well. After the jump I give you my thoughts on this ingenious product. 

Garfy's Grey Knights on 25mm Snow Bases. 

If you've has been following my painting then you'll know I've been painting and collecting an Army of the Imperium. I had already painted a 1500pt Grey Knight army and 15 of those models were on 25mm snow bases. So I rebased them on 25mm desert bases (you can see the force here). Not long after that lengthy process Games Workshop moved to 32mm bases. I was lucky enough that my Blood Angels and Dark Angels were started in time to make the switch to 32mm but I was damned if I was going to base my Grey Knights a third time!

Garfy's Grey Knights on 25mm desert bases

When I saw Stahly's review I knew these bases were going to be a perfect solution to my rebasing woes. Firstly I hold Stahly's opinion in high regard. He's very analytical and thorough so if they pass the Stahly test they must be good.

32mm Tabletop Adapters are brilliant

I actually assembled my bases differently to Stahly. He used liquid greenstuff to smooth the gap in the two halves. I just overloaded with polysterene cement (plastic glue) so when you press the two halves together you're left with a 'bead' of glue which when dry you can scrap off for a seamless join. I found it much quicker. 

It only took a couple of hours to rebase these models, it's so fast and convenient.

I use Citadel texture paints so it was even quicker to paint the edges of my new 32mm TT Adapters, all I had to do was slap some Armaggeddon Dust on the edge, dry brush with Ushabti Bone and paint Steel Legion Drab on the rim. Done! It's really fast and convenient and you really can't tell the different. It's high quality product with an affordable price tag. I highly recommend these and can't wait to rebase my Black Legion now.