Hey all, today I bring a half finished Deathwatch Landraider to Tale of Painters.

I'm really digging the new Deathwatch releases. I think the models look great and I like the colour choice. The Landraider is pretty much the same Landraider that you can always get, but you do get a extra sprue with some icons and a Deathwatch Space Marine that can man the turret. It's a nice touch to make this model different. Along with the Landraider I picked up a Corvus Blackstar. The Blackstar I love. It really does have a great look to it and I will show that as a WIP in my next post.

Other than that the hot days have finished in London which means I can get back to painting. Nothing worse than high temperatures whilst's trying to paint. What do you guys think so say of what I have done? and more importantly what do you think about the new White Dwarf? I really like the new version. Like Garfy I have been picking it up a lot these last few days and reading it. Good stuff GW!