Even before Stahly recommended we all share our work on white backgrounds for consistency I was shooting on white backgrounds. Even White Dwarf ask for images on a white background. I've always shot on a white background, but now I'm thinking of changing to the darkside! Comparisons after the jump. 

Photographing on black or white backgrounds has it's challenges. White backgrounds need lots of light on the background to burn out the background but you have to be careful not to over-expose the subject. Black backgrounds are the opposite. You don't want lots of light on a black background as you run the risk of under-exposing.

For this black background I used velvet. Velvet is fantastic at absorbing light. It doesn't reflect it so the blacks are really deep and rich. This means you can light the subject without too much fear of turning the background grey by over-lighting it. The downside is you don't get any bounce light that you would from a white background. So the underneath of the model is dark and in shadow. 

This Helbrute on a white background is lit really well all over because the background is also helping to bounce light all over the model including underneath.

I really like the Stormcast model on the black background because it's made up of so many light colours. The Furioso Dreadnought looks better on the white background because it stands out better. 

So after looking at a few examples, what do you prefer? White or black backgrounds? What should I do for the future?