Hi all, Banzai1000 here with a short report from the European Open Day 2016, held in Amsterdam on the 1st of October.

The location was the Park Plaza Hotel near the airport of Amsterdam. On two floors Games Workshop and Forge World presented the hobby in all its aspects, including a classic Golden Demon contest with five categories to enter.

Although said to be sold out, it wasn't overcrowded at all. The queue for collecting Forge World orders was pretty long though.

Besides the sales area and the Golden Demon area, there were areas for gaming and of course the painters from the 'Eavy Metal team and some of the army painters to talk to. They displayed some of their recent projects, as well as models seen White Dwarf and other publications. It's really more impressive to see the models in real life than on paper. They also held some seminars, i.e. how to paint skin and faces (hosted by Aidan Daly and Max Faleij from 'Eavy Metal).

Forge World showed some upcoming releases such as Primarch Leman Russ, various models for Horus Heresy, Age of Sigmar, Blood Bowl and The Hobbit.

All in all it was a good event in a cool location with a strong focus on Forge World and the White Dwarf October's edition.

Should this event be held next year, too, I would definately attend again and can only recommend it to you all...