There they are, my finished Howling Banshees of Craftworld Iybraesil! Considering that Iybraesil is known for their vanguards of their Banshee shrines, it was about time. Check out more pictures and close-ups after the jump.

I'm very happy with how these models turned out. And I better am, because I feel like I spent more time on them that I should have. Actually this is the second time I've painted these models, as they originally belonged to my former Saim-Hann collection. Back then, I was never completely happy with their paint job, so I pushed myself even harder to get them right this time.

The paint scheme is based on my Iybraesil scheme as described in this tutorial. Each Aspect Warrior squad allows you to incorporate new concepts into your Craftworld's paint scheme, which is why I enjoy painting and collecting Eldar so much. Each Aspect Shrine provides its own little painting challenge.

Here you can see their old Saim-Hann paint job from a couple of years ago, before I stripped and repainted the models. I hope you agree that I improved the models a lot? Leave your thoughts in the comments.