Today we have my updated Shadow Spectres from Craftworld Iybraesil. I painted them last year, but following the progress of my Eldar collection, I felt the need to make some changes on them. Find out what I did after the jump.

I changed a couple of things. First, I increased their base size from 25 to 32mm with adapters from – check out our review here. I feel the larger base size better compliments the models with their large jetpacks and guns, it also helps preventing from knocking the models over.

Second, I changed the colour of the green ribbons to white. I think it makes them more ghostly, fits their traditional shrine colours better, and makes them more cohesive when standing next to my Iybraesil Guardians and Wraithguard, with their white helmets and turquoise armour.

You'll notice that I shortened the rocks that keep the models aloft. I felt they were too dominant out of the box. On one Spectre I cut off too much, and he was on a lower eye level than the others, which has bugged me for quite a while. Now was the perfect occasion to fix this. I extended the rock with green stuff, using a little piece of slate as a stamp to add the right texture.

Here are the models before the rework:

So what do you think? Changes for the better?