Hello everyone! FruitBear here! Hope everyone has been well where ever you are in the world. This time I got a test model to show you all. It's the Stormcast Eternal Liberator that comes in the "Getting started with Warhammer Age of Sigmar" magazine. I've always wanted to start a Stormcast army and knew it was a matter of time. My favourite storm host apart from the Hammers of Sigmar are the fourth storm host to be founded, the Hallowed Knights. I really like their background in the Realm Gate Wars books as well as being featured in an audio series with Death Alliance therefore....... "Only the Faithful!!!"

The colour scheme is not too different from what you can find in the paint splatters of White Dwarf Weekly, with the only exception being how the armour is painted. In The Realm Gate Wars, When the Hallowed Knights are sent to the Realm of Life their armour exuded a blue glow. I wished to replicate this as best I can with the armour. I base coated it with Ironbreaker and gave it a glaze of 1:1 mix of Lothern Blue and Lahmia Medium being careful not to over do it. Then I did two more successive glazes of 1:1 mix of Guilliman Blue and Lahmia Medium making sure they get into the recesses for shading with the second of the two glazes as a touch up layer with an edge highlight of Stormhost Silver

One important thing I always try to remind myself is be patient with glazes and not to apply too much because you can always add more but you can't take away. I tend to use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process instead of waiting.

One thing I really wanted to have a shot at painting are the armour circular shines (I don't know what you call them) that you usually see on space marine armour. You can see them a lot on Stormcast shoulder plates painted by Eavy Metal as well. I'd really like to thank Lecoqadoodledo for he's advice on painting them as it really helped me a lot instead of being a time consuming process.

The blue parts of the armour were based with Macragge Blue and layered with Caledor Sky for a smooth transition. The amour shine is a thin glaze of 1:1 mix of Teclis Blue and Caledor Sky painted as a circle with the next glaze of Teclis blue as a smaller circle top of the first glaze. Then a final dot of Lothern Blue and if you want Blue Horror. Sometimes I find dotting (controlled stippling) on the glazes allowed for better control. If the glazes are too big you can always tidy them up with a glaze of Caledor Sky.

One other thing I wished to be different was the base of the mini. The setting for my future Stormcast minis will be in Ghyran the Realm of Life! This was painted with glazes of Kabalite Green, Warpstone Glow, Moot Green and Hawk Turquoise over a grey base coat with a dry brush of Ulthuan Grey.

I really had a blast painting this model as there were a few thing I wanted to try to achieve with the model. Really looking forward to see this scheme through out my future Stormcast minis.

That's it for the time being. Until till next time, Take care all! ONLY THE FAITHFUL!!!