I've finished my Ironjawz Megaboss. Here's the final photos!

I thoroughly enjoyed painting this model, it was nice to spend a little bit of time on a single miniature after painting the Brutes and Ardboys. This model is simply stunning and has so many nice details. I especially enjoyed painting the skin, and adding little details such as markings and bruises. The markings were Deathworld Forest mixed with black thinned down with a little bit of water and dotted on, and the bruises were glazes of Carroburg Crimson.

I've built the majority of my Ironjawz army now, I've opted to go for a Brute heavy force, although I may add some more Ardboys if I decide to get some more Gore Gruntas which will mean getting another Start Collecting box. Next up on the painting table is a choice of Gore Gruntas, Brutes, the Weirdnob Shaman, the Warchanter or the Maw-Krusha. I'm not sure which yet, I may have to roll a dice!