Here's the start on another Fantasy warband project: It's a bunch of lovely Skaven Assassins for Mordheim (I still tend to type Mortheim, because for the German version they changed the name as "Mord" is "Murder" in German and that would have been a bit too much on the nose) and of course they double as a warband for Frostgrave too, because that's how it's done these days. :)

...and I don't mind to be honest. Haven't had the chance to actually play it myself, but the rules read sensible, quick and fun and I bought silly amounts of 28mm Fantasy figures over the past 18 months.

You'll notice that in this picture you can see two incarnations of Master Assassin Snikch. I like both to be honest. I tried to reflect the differences in style in the paintjob too, with a slightly dirtier look to classic Snikch and a more flashy, high-contrast kind of black and overall look on new Snikch. Made me think of Terry Pratchett's  musings on the black on assassins' cloaks and such.

Another thing: I never really painted Skaven before this project. Maybe the odd ratman here and there, but never a full army or even warband, so that was cool.

Oh, and: