Is anyone else following the Tale of Four Warlords feature in the new White Dwarf? I'm totally smitten with the idea and have decided to participate as well. So last month I rounded out my unit of Liberators completing them and during September I painted up these three Retributors. After the jump a rear shot and a group shot so far. 

I'm starting to get into the groove of my new scheme. I'm still refining some of the steps  so don't expect a tutorial anytime soon. Also it's a tricky paint scheme to replicate because I go for bright whites and yellows and over a black undercoat and that's time consuming.

Above is my fledging force so far. I'm really happy with colour scheme for the Primal Kings, I think it's really distinct and the decision not to use gold* on Stormcast models is quite a statement. It really helps make them original. The biggest reason for not using gold is don't think it would contrast enough with the yellow. I may use gold colours for the high command models, possible gold helmets because I use silver for the helms of my primes.

Next up for October I want to paint a character model. I've decided on a Knights Vexillor. I like his ability to transport a unit across the battlefield. Can't wait to get started on that model.