While my Banshees are  waiting to get varnished, I thought I could spend the meantime revisiting an older squad of mine. The fabulous 32mm base adapters from ttadapters.com put the idea in my head to increase the base size of the rather top-heavy Shadow Spectres sculpts. Find out about the other changes after the jump.

While I'm already at it, I'll also fix one of the models from whom I cut off too much of the scenic rock it was mounted on. The result was that the Spectre wasn't floating at the same height as the other models in the unit, which looked off. To solve the problem, I resculpted parts of the rock with green stuff, using a piece of slate like a stamp to add a rocky texture.

Last but not least, I'll also change the jade green ribbons to white ones. This way, green will be reserved for Striking Scorpions, which I'm going to add to my collection at some point, while the white will better tie the Spectres to the white helmets of my Guardians and Wraith constructs.

What do you think about the changes?