A couple of weeks ago, Games Workshop brought back classic Imperial Guard models, reissued under their new "Made to Order" label. I was very intrigued and ordered a Steel Legion Commissar, so check out what I received, after the jump.

Made to Order products are only available at games-workshop.com, and back in production for only a limited time. Most of the Imperial Guard models could only be ordered for a single weekend, some of the more popular ones, like this Commissar, for a few days longer. So if you want those classic Juan Diaz Daemonettes that are available this week, you better make up your mind fast.

Models are supposed to be dispatched within 35 days, for my Commissar I waited 22 days to arrive. Notice that if your order contains Made to Order models, it will be held back until those models are ready.

Here is what I got: A good old blister pack with a model cast in white metal. Hobby veterans will know what I'm talking about. The only thing that's missing is a sheet of blister foam. Most of the models from the "Made to Order" range come in white metal, only a few that have already been converted to Finecast will be cast in Finecast. It seems GW thankfully hasn't thrown out all of their metal casting facilities.

Interestingly, this models comes with a boltgun instead of the bolt pistol depicted in the webstore photograph. The quality of the cast is the same as back in the days, the gas mask looks a bit deformed around his left eye, but this might be an issue of the original sculpt.


Games Workshop is on a roll with another blast from the past. Collectors and "Oldhammer" fans should rejoice and keep an eye on the website so they won't miss out. GW is also open for suggestions on their Facebook channels, and the reintroduction of the ever popular Juan Diaz Daemonettes shows they're really listening. It's also nice that they didn't jack up the prices to the level of modern plastic characters.

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