With GW releasing a new Version of Blood Bowl I think it's time to post some additions to my Orcs team along with some thoughts and experiences with Blood Bowl.

First the models. A good and very generous friend of mine gave me a full team of plastic Orcs from the 3rd edition boxed set of Blood Bowl so I'd have a team. He's got several and has been a big fan of BB since his early teeens.

I do love early to mid-1990s GW Orcs so I was on board instantly. A few weeks later he found some more models to fit my collection and gave them to me as well. It's another Black Orc and two Blitzers (the ones in the right of the pictures). The Blorc and the Blitzer with the pointy hat are plastics while the dudes in the far left and right are metal minis. The guy in the left actually is a lineman, but he looks tough enough for being a Blorc, so I added two horns to his helmet and painted his skin accordingly.

Then we had a few games. It would even be an exaggeration to talk about 'mixed success' for my Orcs team. Turns out I'm a disaster of a BB player. :-D Wood Elves knock my guys down, Chaos Dwarfs outrun me.

Not even the fans like me! In the game vs. the Wood Elves they stormed the field and attacked my athletes! It ain't easy being green. 

My thoughts on the new Blood Bowl: This is another really cool thing GW do these days and they seem to get it right! I just hope they keep the product on the shelf for years and years and years to come. I don't own the boxed set, and probably won't, but it looks solid. The production value of GW boardgames of late has always been convincing and I'm sure it's no different on Blood Bowl. Even the price for the game, the separate teams and all of that is chosen wisely. This may be yet another sign of GW really getting things right again now. Very cool.