Today I present you my finished Eldrad Ulthran, High Farseer of Craftworld Ulthwé. When Death Masque came out, I knew I had to paint him, even though I'm collecting Iybraesil. More angles after the jump.

Since the recent WIP post I put the final finishing touches to the base and fixed a couple of issues with the paint job. I also added a couple of Ulthwé markings to his cloak and sash. I feel the yellow adds another rich spot colour to the model.

As you can see, I went a slightly different way than the 'Eavy Metal version. I put my focus on magenta and turquoise, to mesh his paint scheme with my Iybraesil collection. I'm most proud of the the lightning effect on the witchblade. The first try didn't turn out right, thankfully I made it work with the second one.

By the way, is it just me or is Eldrad taller than the usual Eldar models? Even though he comes on a 32mm base, has a straight pose, and is standing on rubble, I feel his body is much longer than the plastic Eldar Farseer. Granted, my female Warseer doesn't have the large Ghosthelm, but anyways. I feel there is scale creep going on lately, especially with Age of Sigmar models, but also with 40k. Looking at you, Deathwatch Kill Teams and Sisters of Silence.

So how do you like my rendition of Eldrad Ulthran? Tell me in the comments! And stay tuned for what's coming next...