Finished! It feels so good to get a Space Wolf model completed and I'm really happy with the results. I tried really hard with this one and the gulf in quality to Golden Demon standard is so vast. Luckily, I'm an army painter and content with what i produce. This won't be the only Space Wolf I paint, I'm planning a small force and I think an army painted to this level will be quite special (if I say so myself). 

This Wolf Guard Battle Leader isn't even the main guy in charge. I've converted the Wolf Lord Krom into a Ragnar Blackmane model and some of the spare bits from Krom have made it onto this Wolf Guard Battle Leader (The axe and backpack) other parts like wolf cape, Ragnar great company shoulder pad and helmet are from the Space Wolf upgrade pack.

I used my own Space Wolf paint tutorial (see this link) to paint this model. For the axe I used the paint recipe from my nmm powersword guide (link here).

For fun, here are all the high ranking characters from my Army of the Imperium force. I really like the consistencies in colour across all the chapters. I'm excited to work on the Space Wolves some more but I think I'm going to paint some Stormcast first. Watch this space.