Hey everyone! Lecoqadoodledo back with a few Sylvaneth characters I worked on in between other projects this year. I was a big fan of both the Branchwych and the new Drycha miniature when they were released, and just had to paint them for my army. Back before Age of Sigmar, with the help of a couple friends, I came up with a scheme for Wood Elf forest spirits based on the ghost gum trees we have here in Australia; white bark with the red brown bark underneath. I refined it a little by adding more colours to the leafage for these models, and overall I’m incredibly pleased with the result.

The Branchwych was the first model I tackled, and it was one of the rare times my initial vision for the miniature was spot on with the end result. The blade was the toughest part, as working up through blues to a bone, and finally white was something I’d never done before.

The new range of forest spirits also inspired me to go back and paint this metal Branchwraith which I received as a gift. It was a real test getting all the bark like striations down on her body to look natural, but in the end I think it all worked out.

Lastly, I got to Drycha Hamadreth. This was pretty daunting to begin with as larger models are not my specialty, and they always test my patience. She ended up being a project I’d stop and start over a few months, but I managed to finish her off a couple weeks ago.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my lady trees, and I’ll be back soon enough to show off some Space Marines. Happy hobbying!