Hi everyone! FruitBear back again with a single test mini. This time it's a MK III marine from the Burning of Prospero Horus Heresy set. MK III have always been my favorite mark of amour so I was so excited for this box set. It was the first time to see official Custodes models and Sisters of Silence so that was a huge plus for me. When I got this box set at my local GW there was a painting competition going where contestants had to paint a MK III marine. Even though I had other painting projects on during that time I knew I had to paint one in the thousand Sons colour scheme. I've always loved their lore and their characters in the Horus Heresy novels always stuck well with me so here's my chance to paint one.

There was a post on the 40K Facebook page about two colour schemes, either Tizcan Ruby or Classic Crimson. Originally I was going to do the Tizcan Ruby scheme and even got a can of Tamiya Clear Red spray but when I saw the box art I knew Classic Crimson was the best scheme for me.I didn't do anything too out of the ordinary here. Just classic colours, shades and highlighting. I really liked the glow effects on the box art marines and wanted to replicate them.

The free hands were a treat to paint, but i used the transfers for the legion sigil and the scarab symbol on the right shoulder pad. Overall it didn't take me long to paint this marine so I was really happy with how fast it took me since I'm quite a slow painter. They may be more to come in the future but for now it's getting back on to AOS projects!

Until next time, take care all!