Look at how dark and dingy my paint area is. The other day on my Facebook account, I asked everyone what lighting they use to paint to. The resounding answer was daylight bulbs. I was getting examples ranging from £20 to £105 in the comments. After a recommendation that Hobbycraft (a chain of UK craft stores) carries a range of daylight lamps I thought I'd pop along to my local store and see what they had. Check out what I found after the jump.      


And here it is! I picked up a naturalight Hobby Floor Lamp which was half price. I only paid £32.50 instead of £65. What a touch. 

That's better! So much brighter. The 27w energy saving daylight bulb is pretty bright and it's a nice colour light, it's not yellow at all. 

The base of the lamp is really heavy so I'm unlikely to knock it over by accident. The flexible lamp head is really useful. It doesn't get hot which is great.

So what do you use? Share in the comments.