Hey guys, Uruk is back! While it might be a shock to some, I am in fact still alive and even paint miniatures. Today I'm going to show you some brand new reinforcements for my growing Dark Eldar cabal - a few shizophrenic clowns, the Harlequins. Hop in!



I split the Death Masque boxed set with a friend some time ago, since I always liked the fluff of Harlequins and the deal was really good. I immediately looked through the codex and "The Heroes' Path" formation grabbed my attention right away - it was low model count and had some fun rules to go with them. Since I already had the Death Jester, I went and found a cheap finecast Shadowseer (good cast by the way, no bubbles or anything) and guess what? I won Warhammer 40,000's contest on facebook with my Khorne Juggernaut Lord! Without any hesitation I asked if I could have the Solitaire as my prize, and here we are.



For the paint scheme, I went with my own design again, using most of the same colors my cabal has. I added the classic Harlequin checked pattern and I really like the final result! The mix of turquoise and orange fits just perfectly and is complimented very well by white and dark copper metallics.



That's all for today, but there's plenty more to come! Sorry again for such a long hiatus, my day simply isn't long enough... See you next time! Be sure to let me know what you think.