Hi everyone! Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful day, and have been treated to new hobby presents! I've painted a model that has been sitting on my shelf for nearly two years, Gandalf the Grey from The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game!


The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game was the game that first got me into painting miniatures back in 2014. I bought this model, which is part of the White Council set, almost two years ago now and it's been sitting on my shelf gathering dust. I've recently got excited for The Hobbit SBG again due to the release of the new There and Back Again book and the fantastic new Iron Hills Dwarves and Gundabad Beserkers models from Forgeworld. I've found excitement for the game again and have ordered the new Forgeworld models. I decided to paint Gandalf as I thought it would be a nice, easy model to get myself back into painting The Hobbit models again. It was a massive difference to painting Age of Sigmar and other models I've been used to painting recently. The model scale is so much smaller, so it was a new challenge on the eyes! I decided to use glazes on the cloak, I used this to blend between darker and lighter greys. The cloak was painted Dawnstone, and then I glazed in Mechanicus Standard Grey in the creases, and then a mix of black and Mechanicus Standard Grey in the really deep creases. I then highlighted the cloak with Administratum Grey, Ulthuan Grey and White on the really top parts.

Overall, I'm really happy with how he came out, especially as I haven't painted something like this in nearly a year. I'm also happy to see a difference in my painting since the last Gandalf I painted, the following photo is the Gandalf from the Escape from Goblin Town set that I first painted in 2014 when I started painting on the left, and then on the right the same model that I stripped and repainted in 2015:

I have another Gandalf from Escape from Goblin Town which I plan to paint, so it will be nice to see the difference in painting in the third iteration of the model I paint. 

I'm really excited to get painting more Hobbit models, and I can't wait to see more releases from Games Workshop and Forgeworld in the future!