Hi everyone! I've got the Escape from Goblin Town set and I've started painting Thorin's Company from the set. I've started with Bombur, as I really love this sculpt, I am so happy with how it came out and I really loved painting it!

As I mentioned in my previous blog post showcasing my Gandalf the Grey, reverting back to painting miniatures from The Hobbit is a big change from painting the larger scale models in Age of Sigmar. I really love the Thorin's Company dwarves from the Escape from Goblin Town set, so I decided I wanted to paint them. I've already painted a set of dwarves from this set two years ago, but I wanted to paint them again and see how my painting has progressed, and because I had so much fun painting them. I had such a great time painting this one, the models have so much character and are a real joy to paint. 

I'm really proud of how Bombur came out, I'm really happy with it, especially his face. I'm excited to start painting the next dwarf. I also got a lot of Hobbit miniatures for Christmas and purchased some more with my Christmas money, my partner also bought some as well and the new book and releases have got others excited about the game again in our local gaming store, so I'm really excited for the future of Middle Earth SBG and painting more models from the range!