Hey folks, another quick update coming at you! This time it's the recently released reimagination of Kharn the Betrayer. Learn my opinion on him after the jump!

My all time favourite GW miniature and the guy who started it all for me – Kharn the Betrayer. Love his classic pose, hand sculpted features and in-game rules. He won me many a battle (and lost probably about as many), and the time finally came for him to be reborn in plastic.

Since the first time I saw him, I wasn't a fan of his pose, not only because it's a straight up copy-paste from Forge World's Kharn the Bloody (but mirrored) but also because GW's version is so bent, it almost looks as he's tripping on his own feet. The chains wrapped around his Gorechild arm swing really high and in a weird direction to his own run, breaking the flow of the otherwise well-executed dynamism.

I also don't quite like the over the top "Dark Vengeance" style additions such as face-tusks and weird Age of Sigmar-y thigh armour plates – Khorne Berzerkers are almost always pictured as wearing heresy era power armour marks, but aren't really warp-mutated. At least apart from those few nits, the overall Jes Goodwin design remains pretty much unchanged (Thank all four gods!)

I'd love to hear your own thoughts on this reimagined Kharn, so let me know! See you next time.