Hey guy's, today is a bit of a quick post with some Necron Immortals with Tesla Carbines.

I painted these guys about a year ago as a commission for a customer as part of his Necron army and plan to paint 10 of my own in the same scheme to join my Necron army. The only difference will be that I will use 32mm bases instead of these smaller resin ones. For Necrons the larger 32mm bases are quite nice as I always found Necrons stances tend to be quite wide making it quite difficult to fit on the smaller the bases. The last few weeks have been pretty full on for me as I have had to finish a bunch of commissions for Christmas presents. It has really worn me out and I look forward to a few days over Christmas to be able to paint a few models for myself. I also picked up some of the new Tzzentch model this weekend. What do you think as of late about the new releases that GW has been putting out? I'm liking them a lot.