Hey everyone! I'm back with a new completed Hobbit model, Bilbo Baggins!

I must admit, I found painting Bilbo to be a bit of a challenge as he is so tiny! Picking out detail on him was incredibly difficult, and therefore he's not the best he could be, but he's better than my original attempt so I'm happy with that at least! I found the face to be the most annoying, the detail on it is not very well defined and so picking out detail was hard, particularly painting his eyes which are so small! I didn't even attempt painting eyes last time, so I'm happy I gave it a go this time, I'm happy with them although they may not look the best! 

I'm happy to get Bilbo out of the way, he's the smallest model in the set and will probably be the smallest model I'll ever paint. I have the finecast Bilbo from the Champions of Erebor set to paint, although he has a bit more of a nicely defined face, so I'm looking forward to seeing how painting him goes!