I've finished the first unit for my new Sylvaneth army, a unit of Tree-Revenants! I've gone for a colourful yet spectral colour scheme to make them stand out. I've based them on the same ruined city wasteland bases as I painted my Stormcast Eternals, as I'd like to have the opportunity to use them in combined games and I wanted to go for a different look and make them contrast. I decided to take my time with these models, before I may have been tempted to rush them and paint them in a simple colour scheme because they're only the battleline units and therefore I'd need to paint a lot of them, however I wanted to try paint them to a better standard and make each one stand out so they would look striking as a unit. I'm glad I spent a little longer time on them than normal, as I'm really happy with how they look as a unit. I've got 15 more Tree-Revenants built that I've started painting, but I think I may paint one of the heroes next to break it up a little. I'm looking forward to using these in a game!