No, I haven't forgotten about this chap. I've put the last finishing touches to my Ultramarines Captain in Terminator Armour while I was assembling and priming my Skathach Wraithlord, and today I can proudly present you the result. Check out more angles after the jump.

Painting this model was a real treat, and getting back to do a model for my longest ongoing collection, Ultramarines, was really satisfying. In 2017, I definitely want to spend more time on my boys in blue.

The model has a suitable amount of detail for a character model, but doesn't feel overcrowded. This makes the design very elegant in my opinion. Some of the recent models have a stunning level of detail, such as the new Thousand Sons, but I can't help to think about the absurd amount of time I would need to sink into them.

How do you like my Captain, and what are your most favourite Space Marine models from the recent releases?