There it is, my first big project of 2017. If you would have asked me a few years ago whether I would ever add a Wraithknight to my collection, I would have answered with a firm "no". I really love the Wraithknight's background, it's so very much Eldar, but I think the model suffers from a few weird design choices. For example, I don't like the shape of the head and the blank face plate, the undersized shoulder exhausts, the back section, and the abundance of oval blips. Compared to the elegant Revenant Titan, the model feels busy.

Fortunately, FW released the Skathach knight variant a while ago, remedying most of the things I didn't like. With a couple of minor alterations, like the removal of the large oval blip shapes from the legs, I've come to like the model. It's still no Revenant Titan, but it will make a nice centrepiece for my collection nevertheless.

Assemby took me over a week – surprisingly time consuming was the removal of the blips. Cutting away the large ones on the legs and arms will leave holes that need to be filled. I used regular green stuff first, and then liquid green stuff sanded with a very fine grit sand paper, which I repeated five or six times for each spot. It's still not perfectly smooth, but it will do. I also repositioned the legs, and magnetized the arms.

So far I applied the base colours and highlights with an airbrush, then I'll work my way from bottom to top, finishing one assembly group after another. I also need to create a base... stay tuned.