Update on my Skathach Wraithknight. The upper body is 90% complete. This is the biggest and most intricate sub-assembly group, so finishing this will mark another giant step towards the model's completion.

Have you seen the discussion of Gathering Storm II, Fracture of Biel-Tan on Warhammer Live yesterday? And read the reports from the oncoming White Dwarf? I'm really curious how this Ynnead storyline will turn out. On the one hand, I feel optimistic as the arrival of Ynnead's Avatar might herald a new age of pointy-eared glory, on the other hand, I fear that the Eldar might lose their individual flavours, and what defined them the most – their struggle against their own flaws and desires. Also, the Yncarne's strong Slaanesh resemblance can't be a coincidence – I'm afraid not everything might be as it seems.

I just hope that the existing Eldar factions won't be neglected in favour of a new breed of Ynnari themed models. We need plastic Aspect Warriors, Warlocks, Grotesques, and new Phoenix Lords before we can move on to something new! This is one of my biggest grips with Age of Sigmar so far – the attention and support of new models is only on the newly created factions, while the old Fantasy races feel like they are swept under the carpet.

What do you think? Has anyone some Ynnead theories to share?