I'm slowly making progress with my Tree-Revenants, I've added another one to the finished pile!

I have three units all together of Tree-Revenants, I decided to try paint them all together so I can get them out of the way and done. I sprayed the green and white and then started painting the brown bark.

For the highlights and details I decided to break the batch down into much smaller chunks, above I've added more details to three more. I then decided to finish the model in the middle to completion before finishing the other two. It's taking time to paint these, and that's because I've maybe made the scheme a little too complex on them, but I wanted them to stand out, and try and paint them to a higher standard than I've painted battleline type units before and I wanted to spend a little longer on each model rather than rush paint them all or make them simple. I'm hoping that as a unit the extra time and effort will pay off and they'll look better together, regardless of how long it'll take to chip away at them!