Hey everyone! Lecoqadoodledo here with a Blood Bowl Linesman I painted in early January! Sorry for the lack of activity, as I’ve only recently gotten the space to take pictures of my work again. Hopefully you all like this guy!

This is Kontz Ludenhower, a humble Linesman from my personal Blood Bowl team, the Ostermark Comets. Originally I was going to just paint my Humans as the Reikland Reavers, but decided I wanted something unique and fun. I took the opportunity to use pink as the main colour because I was set on doing green base rims, and needed a colour that would complement it well.

The armour was pretty straightforward to paint. Starting with Screamer Pink as the basecoat, I then pinwashed Agrax Earthshade, next I used edge and glazed highlights of Pink Horror to bring the colour up, finishing with a highlight of Emperors Children on the edges where light would hit. Having the armour pink also opened up the use of a deeper green as a minor spot colour on fabric, the team logo and the small band around the socks.

While I love painting clean miniatures, I wanted my BB team to be a little grittier. I used Rhinox hide for paint chipping, and washed it into the dents already sculpted on the armour. I then made a wash of Skrag Brown to act as rust around the metals, and to add a little depth to the armour dents. Using the same method, I washed Sotek Green into the brass face plate to show verdigris build up.

Hopefully I don’t get too distracted by other projects to get the rest of the team done! Happy hobbying everyone!