Hi everyone! Fruitbear here! Hope everyone had a good start to the new year. It's been a while since I've posted here because I've been busy assembling models more then painting. In saying that here's a little progress I've made so far, these 10 grave guard!

These grave guard are part of a unit of 20 which will be part of my 1000 point match play AOS Death army, hopefully it will expand over the course of the year. I was struggling to come up with a paint scheme for the grave guard but decided to keep with the colour scheme of my skeleton warriors.

I did a test model and asked for feedback from Lecoqadoodledo and another friend. They suggested that a spot colour thus would make the models pop even more thus the Screamer Pink on some of the helms.

The shade of the armor was achieve with shades of Nuln Oil and Seraphim Serpia whilst the weathering was achieve with lining the recesses with Hawk Turquoise. I also painted little spots with Hawk Turquoise and a dot of Temple Guard Blue in the center for some corrosion on the armor.

One of the highlights of this project was painting the freehand on the banner. I really wanted to incorporate Voldermort's dark mark into the banner some how as I've always love the imagery of it. After having a look through the old Vampire Counts army book and a little sketching the end result is what you can see here. The helms of the champion, standard bearer and musician were painted Brass Scorpion to denote their importance in the unit.

I'm really please by the end result of this half a unit and I actually painted it quite fast to my usual pace as well which is great. Hopefully there will be more undead posts soon. Till then Hail to the victorious dead! Take care everyone!