Hi, I'm Ben from RelaxDesign Minis and a while ago I had a spot on the Tale of Painters blog showcasing my Red Scorpions force, well I'm back by request to give you a look at a recent commission I painted: A Marauder Destroyer from Forge World.

Being one of the older models it did take a bit of work to build but I was pleased with the overall results once finished.

I used a combination of airbrush, drybrushing and regular highlighting to achieve the look.
The base colour of Mechanicus standard grey was sprayed onto the model then inked with Nuln oil and drybrushed using a large brush with increasingly lighter greys and using lighter brush strokes each time which gives the pitted and quite matt look I personally like on large imperial/military models.

The blue stripes were masked off and airbrushed using Kantor blue (air) then inked and drybrushed in a similar fashion to the grey (the yellow and black stripes were also painted in the same way).
A variety of metallics were used then inked and highlighted in the usual way.

On the canopy I lightly airbrushed the intrerior with Mortarion green (clear) from Forgeworlds airbrush range to achieve the translucent look.

With the streaks and oily areas I used a combination of oil washes (including Agrax earthshade, Nuln oil, Seraphim sepia and 'Ardcoat in various amounts) as well as Forgeworlds Black soot weathering powder which I mix with a little water, paint on and then feather out once dry with a dry brush.

Hope you enjoyed this look at the Marauder Destroyer, I certainly enjoyed painting it, and I'll hopefully be back at some point in the future to share more of my work.