A year ago, I painted these Blood Angels Tartaros Terminators. For some reason or another, I didn't completely finish them back then, as I never got around to add their insignia. With the Wraithknight now finally completed, it made perfect sense to slip in a quick and easy project and get them done.

These are the resin Tartaros Terminators from Forge World. I also added a couple of Blood Angels bits from my bitz box. There are parts from the Blood Angels Terminators, Tactical Squad and Death Company kits. It bugs me that I didn't wait for the plastic version, which would have been much easier to clean up and assemble. Plus the plastic Tartaros are slightly more beefy than the resin ones. But then, a year ago, who would have thought that we would ever see plastic Heresy models?

These Tartaros Terminators are meant to stand in as regular Terminators, so I added a post-heresy Cyclone Missile Launcher.

Painting-wise, I strictly followed my own Blood Angels tutorial. I imagine that my Blood Angels strike force dates back to the aftermath of the Horus Heresy, around M32 to M33, which is why I added a lot of Heresy era armour marks. This makes a nice contrast to my more "modern" Ultramarines collection. Check out my Blood Angels collection here.

I'm not planning to add more Blood Angels units for the time being, but at some point, I would like to expand them into a rag-tag Imperial army with Astra Militarum, Skitarii, Inquisition and maybe even Sisters of Battle units (if we'll ever see updated sculpts in plastic). That should be a lot of fun to paint.

How do you like the Terminators? Has someone built and painted the plastic Tartaros Terminators yet? Tell us in the comments.