Hey all, about a week ago I showed the beginnings of a World Eater army I was working on. So I thought I'd show the finished World Eaters Rhinos.

I'm pretty pleased in how they turned out. In my last post I was asked what colours I used. For the basecoat I used Tamiya aluminium. I then sprayed three coats of hair spray and once dry airbrushed Vallejo fire red and a highlight of Com-Art toludine red. Using hot water and a old brush I scratched of the top layer a little on parts to reveal the under silver colour. Once dry I airbrushed the model with Rowney white spirits based matt varnish. The reason I used Rowney matt varnish as its one of the few varnishes I know of that does not alter the colour red. A lot of other varnishes make the colour red pink. Daler Rowneys varnish is rather nice if not a little pricey. What do you think?