Hey there, it's me, Aurélie, with a Start Collecting Space Wolves box plus some Grey Fangs I painted for a client. Check out more pictures after the jump!

The client requested the traditional Space Wolves "baby blue", as seen on the 'Eavy Metal painted models. Thus I used the paints as suggested on the box: Russ Grey and Lothern Blue. For shading I wanted a deep grey blue such as The Fang.

With my airbrush, I basecoated the models with Russ Grey over black primer, then I applied a thin, translucent coat of Lothern Blue for the ice blue hue. Finally I used The Fang for shading.

The snow effect was acchieved by mixing PVA glue with natron. You need to be careful with the amount of glue, too much or the snow will become too greyish, like slush. For the snow flakes, as seen on the capes for example, I mixed natron with Vallejo matte varnish.

For the hexagon pattern I used fly screen like a stencil, and sprayed several thin coats of Tamiya Clear Grey on the inside of the canopy. If you make a mistake, the paint can easily be removed with isopropyl alcohol.

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