Back on the 4th of December I posted a Work in Progress post showing some base colours added to this unit of Judicators. It's now the middle of February and I'm proud to say I've finished painting the unit. After the jump I gush over how happy I am with my paint scheme and share more pictures. 

Armed with huge Skybolt Bows these guys rain down damage from afar.

3+ to hit and 3+ to wound and -1 rend make these an attractive option for Stormcast Players.

I'm really happy with the colour scheme. It's been a while since I last concocted my own colour scheme for an army. I guess the last time was my Necron army, since then I've painted official codex paint schemes like Dark Angels, Black Legion, Deathwatch etc. So it's really refreshing to come up with my own colour scheme that I haven't seen used anywhere else (yet). I really don't mind people being inspired and copying my scheme (or adapting it). I would love it if anyone doing so kept the Stormhost name though. How could would that be if the Primal Kings Warhost became a thing just through people adopting the paint scheme and name. 

Maybe I need to create a free paint tutorial for this scheme to help get it out into the world.