Hi everyone! The latest model I've finished painting is my Knight-Venator for my Stormcast Eternals. I haven't painted anything for my Stormcast in a while, and I fancied a change and this model had been sitting on the shelf for a long time!

I've recently been building the new Stormcast models, which I absolutely love, and inspiration hit me again to paint something for my collection. I love painting Stormcast Eternals, I love painting gold and I think they're really nice and simple to paint. I decided to paint my Knight-Venator, as he will go nicely with the new models and also because he is an awesome model and has been sitting on my shelf unpainted for far too long!

I really enjoy painting the gold for my Stormcast. I decided to go for a darker, more burnished and grimy gold, compared to the traditional clean, bright gold. The gold recipe is Retributor Armour, shaded Reikland Fleshshade all over, then Agrax Earthshade all over and then Druchii Violet in the deep recesses. It is then highlighted with Vallejo Silver. The chips are sponged silver, and some Rhinox Hide scratches with a silver highlight.

I also really enjoyed painting the Star-Eagle. I decided to go for a contrasting colour to the blue of the Knight-Venator's wings, so I decided to paint it in a fiery scheme. This was Yriel Yelow, Troll Slayer Orange and Black, and then a few glazes of Bloodletter and Lamenters Yellow.

This was a really fun miniature to paint, I've got the Knight-Azyros on the table next, and I'm looking forward to adding more to my Stormcast collection!