This fledgling Stormcast Eternal warhost is my entry into the world of Age of Sigmar. I started painting this force around 6 months ago. It's not much to show as I've been painting these models in-between other projects. This side project is slowly turning into a main project. After the jump I share more thoughts and close ups of each unit. 

Liberators armed with Warhammers and Simarite Shields led by a Liberator-Prime

Retributors armed with Lightning Hammers led by a Retributor-Prime

Judicators armed with Skybolt Bows led by a Judicator-Prime. The Judicator on the right is armed with a Shockbolt Bow.

Knight-Vexillor armed with a Warhammer carrying the pennant of the Stormbringer

I'd like to add some new units to this force. What would you guys advise I add? I'm thinking some Dracothian Guard would be cool.