Hi there, Aurélie back with another commission piece, this time: Vulkan, Primarch of the XVIII. Legion. More pictures after the jump.

The client requested a metallic shade for the armour. I started with black primer and a layer of olive green, then airbrushed silver for pre-shading and applied a couple of coats of FW's green clear paint. You could also mix silver into green paint, but I prefer several coats of clear green, as I think it looks more realistic. A similar technique is suggested for the Great Brass Scorpion in Forge World's Masterclass book, so I stayed true to that.

Vulkan's base was also the inspiration for the bases of my recently posted Contemptor Dreadnoughts.  I used the Concrete Rubble Mix from Gale Force 9, which looks so much as the rubble on Vulkan's scenic base that I wonder if FW used the same material for modelling the base.

A while ago I painted another version of Vulkan, this time without the metallic sheen but the same basecoat, layer and clear green paints. I also went for a blue scale cloak and slain Night Lord Legionnaires.

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