After the success of my last sales, I have around 4500pts of Ultramarines left to sell (all pictured above) and I want to sell 1500pts blocks for £500 each. After the jump find out how you can own a piece of White Dwarf history.

Yes this army is part of the larger collection that was featured as army of the month in White Dwarf

All you have to do is add up a minimum of 1500pts from the list and email me what you'd like. You can add additional 500pt chunks to your 1500pts for an additional £170 per 500pt chunk. For example 2000pt is £670 and 2500pts is £840. Or you can purchase all 4660pts for £1500. 

Email me at with your list. First received order gets pick of the crop. Anyone other orders after that I will reply with an amended list of what (if anything) is remaining. 
Buyer to pay for shipping.