And now for something completely different. The work on the Wraithknight is complete, it is just waiting for its varnish to dry and to be photographed for the blog. In the meantime, I started this test model for a Skaven Blood Bowl team. Long-time readers might remember I owned a rather large Skaven army at one point, but sold them. I might never gather such a large Skaven force again, but Blood Bowl allows me to paint a couple of Skaven models without the endless grind that comes with collecting a horde army.

The paint scheme was inspired by White Dwarf writer Dan Harden's Skaven entry for Armies on Parade, with chipped orange and black armour and cream clothing. As the models of my original Skaven army had a rather drab scheme, I wanted to try something more vibrant, and the orange shall provide a nice contrast to the green static grass I'll add later. What do you think?