Today I unveil my next hobby project: a Tactical Squad for my Ultramarines collection. Sorry, no complete Skaven Blood Bowl team for a while, as I'd like to wait if they'll receive some more model support, apart from the rather failed Rat Ogre sculpt.

My Ultramarines collection is the home of some of my oldest models, and since then, my painting skills have improved and a lot of new Space Marine infantry kits have been released. I've reworked a couple of my dated Ultramarines models before, but now I'm planning something more radical: Instead of just updating the paint jobs, I will sort out a couple of Marines from each squad and replace them with new ones. This will allow me to integrate the new kits more organically into my collection than painting a single new squad that will make my older squads look pale.

As you can see, four models will be reworked (and converted to 32mm bases with the awesome base adapters from Tabletop Adapters), while six new models will be added. Amongst them are MkIV Marines, MkVI Marines from the updated Tactical Squad kit, and even a MkIII Marine. I don't like mixing different armour pattern parts on a single model, so I made sure that each models' armour is as cohesive as possible. For the MkVI Marines, I smoothed down MkVII arms with a hobby knife, liquid green stuff and very fine sand paper, to mimick the look of FW's MkVI armour kit.

What do you think?