Greetings all, Lecoqadoodledo here, back with the beginning of an ambitious Space Marine project. Last November, I made the decision that I wanted a Battle Company worth of marines. The inspiration came from Garfy’s Ultramarine collection and Stahly’s Blood Angels, Ultramarines and Eldar. Those collections are incredible examples of neat, above average painted armies that look gorgeous on the tabletop, and are a sight to behold when viewed en masse.

That’s what I want, as I feel it’s a badge of honour in this hobby to have worked on such a project, and in the end to own a stunning collection of fully painted Space Marines, who are, in my opinion, the most iconic miniatures in all of wargaming.

So, in this post and the next, I present my first couple units for the army.

I’ve always loved Blood Angels, but I wanted to do something unique. So I chose a BA successor, the Carmine Blades. Their narrative describes them as having only recently discovered they were successors of the Blood Angels, formerly believing they came from the Ultramarines. This is why I’ve used only a few parts from BA kits.

As you can tell, they’ve been an exercise in consistency, something I struggle with. Hopefully as more and more units are added, painting the Chapter Badge will become more consistent and accurate.

I’ve really enjoyed painting this scheme, and the only time consuming part of them is the white helmets, just because of how many layers I have to do to get a strong colour.

And that’s the first Tactical Squad. I hope you all like it!

Thanks for reading, and leave a comment below.