Hi guys, Uruk here yet again with more pointy eared crazies.

To break the rusty white (which you don't seem to dig that much) a bit, today I present you the first of two Harlequin Troupes I've got planned. Those models were so fun to paint! There's a common misconception that the diamond pattern is very hard to paint, but it's actually pretty straightforward if you know how to approach it (Duncan has a pretty good video on that, go check it out). I armed the clowns with two Caresses (one for the Troupe Master) and a Kiss, because I like the look, even if it's arguably the worst choice among the gauntlet weapons.

That's gonna have to do it for this time folks, hope you like it! Leave me a comment if you have any questions or critiques, I always appreciate any feedback from you guys.